Technology Partner Program

What is the VisionTek Technology Partner Program?
The VisionTek Technology Partner Program is a program for vendors offering applications, devices, hardware, and services that are able to integrate with the open platforms. As a technology partner, you can leverage the VisionTek brand and VisionTek's global market partners and benefit from a wide range of market reach and activities.

VisionTek  Technology Partner Program Guidelines
The Technology Partner Program has a pre-requisite requirement that must be met for signing up for the collaboration and take advantage of the below highlights.
  • Product road map and technology enhancement updates
  • Partnership manager for collaboration
  • Annual partner business review
  • Updates & testing on change in technology
  • Opportunity sharing
  • Promotion via mutual market reach
Technology Partner Programs
  • Develop: Start building your competence in products and solutions and develop the joint technology offering.
  • Proof on concept: Verify mutual technology's compatibility and performance, to ensure that it is ready for the market.
  • Customer offerings: Market mutual technology offering with several available marketing tools and opportunities, and leverage on mutual global market reach.


Designed for highest impact resistance with EN 62262 standard.

IP 66

Ingress Protection

Designed to protect from total dust ingress, high pressure water jets from any direction.


Wide Dynamic Range

Designed to enance the videos the varying lighting envirnoment its a true compensate for problems with light exposure.

Metal Casing

Robost Shield

Metal housings are designed to protect cameras lens, chipsets in highly harsh environments like industrial, marine etc.

Frequent Cameras

Bullet Camera

Dome Camera

PTZ Camera


Box Camera

Fisheye Camera